QodeRPay! - Direct QR Code Payment System

QodeRPay is a simple yet very dynamic web application using a streamline version of the very popular Paypal Payment System. With this site you can create your own unique payment QR code where people can scan the code you create and get paid! Best of all most payments can be made right from a phone without having to worry about credit cards, or writing checks (A valid paypal account is needed).


  • Vendors - what can be easier than scanning a code and paying a bill!
  • Non-Profits - Give the gift of a donation!
  • Friends & Family - You may not always know what to get someone but you know they would love to see money directly in their bank account!

Payment Code

Payee X
(The 'payee' is the person recieving the money.)
Type X
(To use Non-Profit the Payee must be setup as so)
Amount $
Cannot exceed $2000
USD or equivalant.
I agree to use this code
as legally described in the
PayPal Acceptable Use Policy
NOTE: This design service is free to use! All payments are processed through PayPal. Please be advised there is a 3%(min 3 cents) fee charged in addition to any PayPal fees. You may not use this service without first agreeing to the PayPal User Agreement and the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy

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